Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Uninstalling Wubi Completely

Recently I found myself running out of disk space so I decided to remove Ubuntu which I had installed using the Wubi installer. Removing Wubi was as easy as uninstalling any other program.

However when I rebooted my computer instead of Windows XP starting immediately, I discovered that the Operating System selection menu was still there, giving me the choice between Ubuntu & XP even though I'd removed Ubuntu.

Solving this problem was quite simple, all I did was follow the steps in this Microsoft article.

All you basically have to do is remove the unwanted OS from your boot.ini file.

You'll see C:\wubildr.mbr = "ubuntu" in the image below on the bottom line. It's that line which needs to be removed from the file. Once you've done that, save the file & reboot the system.

Also, don't worry I'm not going to stop using GNU/Linux. I'll probably be getting a new computer soon & when I do I think I'll be trying out the new version of OpenSUSE.
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